Employee spotlight: Brandon Kimbrough

Brandon Kimbrough began his career in the benefits and finance industry more than 10 years ago and has been thriving ever since. As a sales representative at The Barnett Group, he strives to address each of his clients’ individual goals as he manages several accounts...
IRS reverses individual mandate in Affordable Care Act

IRS reverses individual mandate in Affordable Care Act

The Internal Revenue Service reversed a recent policy change in how it monitors compliance with the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate. Note the following two changes when completing your 2017 tax returns. The IRS will not accept electronically filed tax returns...

New Annual Retirement Plan Limits

To address cost-of-living increases, the Internal Revenue Service adjusted the contribution limits to various retirement plans such as 401(k)s, IRAs and pensions. The table below highlights the new limits declared by the latest tax laws. Speak to Chirag Chauhan, CFP...
Stepping up your retirement contributions

Stepping up your retirement contributions

Chirag Chauhan, our partner and director of financial services, offers his secrets to enhancing your retirement plan before we enter the new year. We’ve entered the final quarter of 2017, and the new year will be here before we know it. Now is the time of year to...

Employee Spotlight: Renee Clark

With 20 years of experience in finance and administration, Renee Clark has successfully managed the day-to-day financial and business operations of The Barnett Group since joining in 2001. In her role as director of administrative services, Renee has become a valuable...
Lowering health care costs starts with prevention

Lowering health care costs starts with prevention

Seventy-five. This is the percentage of what the nation spent on healthcare for preventable, chronic diseases in 2008. But as our director of business development, Hal Stansbury, highlighted recently, there are long-term benefits to your health if you take some...

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