Shelly Sing Co-Director of Benefits Administration Client ServicesShelly Sing joined The Barnett Group nearly four years ago. During her time as co-director of client services, she assisted our transition to electronic employee benefits administration and worked side-by-side with our clients to introduce them to these innovative programs. Learn more about her in this month’s edition of our employee spotlight.

At the workplace

What motivates you to wake up and go to the office each morning?

I enjoy the luxuries of electricity and a roof over my head. It’s the little things that matter!

How would you describe your work to a child?

Your mommy and daddy do not pay for your shots at the doctor. We help make it possible.

What are some health and benefits buzz words that you could live without?

Open enrollment, QLE or qualifying life event, Affordable Care Act… The list goes on!


Life outside TBG

Who’s your favorite sports team?

Ole Miss

What’s your favorite line from a movie?

“Shut up, just shut up. You had me at hello.” Jerry Maguire gets me every time!

How do you unwind after a hectic day at the office?

Playing with my sweet granddaughter – I’m excited to have one more arrive next month! Other days, a glass of chardonnay is the only thing that can do the job.

If you were suddenly given a week of vacation, where would you go?

Anywhere that gives me a warm beach to relax on.

What’s the best advice anyone has given you?

The best advice I received came from my mom and dad. Every time I left the house as a teenager and even still today, they will always tell me, “Remember who you are!”

Tell us something that may surprise you.

I LOVE Western movies. If I could meet anyone in my lifetime, it’d be Sam Elliott. There’s something about his Western drawl and thick ‘stache that I can’t resist.


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