Seventy-five. This is the percentage of what the nation spent on health care for preventable, chronic diseases in 2008. But as our director of business development, Hal Stansbury, highlighted recently, there are long-term benefits to your health if you take some preventative measures.

One of the most noted measures is consistent doctor visits to undergo tests and screenings such as mammograms or colonoscopy procedures. These checkups allow us to not only take advantage of health care benefits that are covered at full cost under most insurance plans, but also can detect irregularities and help to get the proper care during the early stages. By being proactive with care on a regular basis, the long-term financial strain that accompanies exorbitant health care costs can be alleviated.

As technology advancements in health care continue to evolve and adapt to changing needs, one particular service has the potential to change how we engage health care professionals. Since its introduction, telemedicine has received overwhelming adoption with the millennial generation because of the convenience and extensive list of benefits: less time away from work, no travel expenses or time, and one of the highest benefits on the priority list – privacy.

According to the American Telemedicine Association, more than 15 million Americans received some kind of medical care remotely in 2015 with a projected 30 percent increase in 2016. And with access to telemedicine at our fingertips with computers and mobile devices, this advancement in health care technology has the potential to change how we care for ourselves and our loved ones.

Knowledge has always proven to be powerful, and as it relates to your health. The more precaution you take today, the less you pay in the future. If you’re hoping to learn more about the built-in benefits of your health care coverage, contact your TBG representative today. We’ll walk you through your health care plan to make sure you maximize the offerings of your coverage.


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