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Our entire Benefits Consulting team works for you. Our goal is to not only provide you with cost savings, but to ensure your overall Employee Benefits experience is second to none. With our strong insurance and retirement carrier relations, we will have access to the best medical, dental, life, retirement and wellness programs, products and services available in the market. We aim to serve you with unmatched customer service, while striving to exceed your expectations with our industry knowledge and expertise.

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No matter if you or your business need an insurance, retirement savings or wealth management plan, a long-term care, 401k or a wellness program, our benefits administrators at The Barnett Group provide the best employee benefit solution to all clients. Our philosophy is not based solely upon a medical, dental or life insurance offering. Instead, our philosophy lies in securing long-term contracts with insurance carriers so that we can offer price stability. It’s one of the reasons we maintain an employee benefit client retention rate of more than 98 percent.

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Delivering the best options for Medical, Pharmacy Benefits Management, Dental & more...




Providing wealth protection, asset management, and financial and estate strategies...




Our team works closely with every client to ensure all needs are met.




We continue to provide resources to help you better manage and communicate benefits.


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Carla Lyles
Joceil Pryor
Renee Clark
Shelly Sing
Chirag Chauhan
Brandon Kimbrough
Hal Stansbury
Judy Mixon
Ed Barnett
Esha Rock
Wes Barnett
Carson Stimpson
Joel Kimbrough
Dora Da Silva
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